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River of Life

river of life2_sept 2017-1A young woman crippled with fear after witnessing her husband’s murder during an attempted carjacking. Two police officers on duty the night of the crime: One, a man who barely survived the face-off with the criminal and now questions the meaning of his existence. The other, a struggling father trapped in a bad marriage.

Two years after the crime that touched their lives, providence brings them together. But for which man was that providence intended?

Set in the lush South Carolina Upstate, this two-part novel examines the depth and mystery of God’s grace in a fallen world.

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Fall in Eden

He thought he had all the answers. He had no idea he was part of the problem.

fall in eden_jan 2016-1Months after a heart attack forces him to make changes to his life, Adam Tucker exchanges Atlanta and his workaholic ways for a forgotten paradise along the Carolina coast. His plans change on arrival when he hits an employee of a popular restaurant with his new car.

Forced to stick around until liability issues are resolved, Adam slowly gets involved with several residents of the tiny hamlet–one who makes him think, one who offers him a second chance at love, and one who challenges attitudes he feels are well deserved. When a controlling nature he thought he’d left behind threatens those relationships, will he risk his heart and stay, or will he move on to the next paradise down the road?

Set in South Carolina’s exotic Hammock Coast, Fall in Eden examines redemption, poverty, the potential strength of community, and unexpected love.

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When We Fail


The Place Where Time Returns Us       (Out of Print)

img_2021-1With one child in college and the other nearly there, Shannon Mitchell expected to spend more time with her husband of twenty-six years. Then, the unthinkable happens. Three years later, Shannon is about to begin a new chapter of her life with one of her late husband’s best friends. But a week before the wedding, trust turns to betrayal.

Longing for the past and hiding from the man desperate for her forgiveness, Shannon contemplates life, love, relationships and the options she faces as a widow in the transitional stage of life.

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The Place Where Time Returns Us



North of Broad

north of broad sept 2017-1Convinced she needs to experience history before teaching it, Claire Simms transfers to Charleston, South Carolina to finish her Master’s degree. She quickly learns the enchanting city has more architectural, political, and Christian history than she imagined, and she wants to know more.

Trey Bailey can’t live up to his family’s name. Few Baileys can these days. Once a member of old Charles Town’s elite, the Bailey family lost their privileged address south of Broad after a scandal revoked their membership in the town’s inner circle. Scraping through college on mounting debt and a job at an auto-parts store, Trey supplements his income by working part-time as a tour guide in the city his ancestors helped shape.

After meeting the pretty little transfer student sliding through school on Daddy’s dollar, Trey offers to be Claire’s guide to all things Charleston–for a price, of course. But she’s an ambitious history geek who needs a subject for her thesis and his family has a 200-year-old secret Trey prefers to hide.

Can he keep her business–and win her heart–while keeping his family off the tour?



stormcatcher cover-1Eryn Mathis spent her childhood traveling around the United States as an Air Force dependent, and she expects the adventure to continue after her high school graduation. A tornado outbreak one spring day changes everything.

Stormcatcher: A Christian fiction novella set in the coastal plains of North Carolina.



Dash of Pepper (Part of the Coming Home collection)

His responsibilities tie him to the small town he loves, but her career plans will lead her to the big city. Will he cut his roots for her or will she clip her wings for him?

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